"improving QUALITY OF life, promoting good health and INDEPENDENCE."

Our consumers are integrated in the community and participate in learning and socialization activities based on their individual skill sets, interests, preferences and capabilities.

The program comprises of staff who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and extensive experience towards improving the quality of consumers* lives through maximization of independence and community integration.

Innovative Center is an adult day program established to admit consumers with restricted health conditions, subject to the approval of Community Care Licensing, provided that Innovative Center is in compliance to Section 82092.1 General Requirements for Restricted Health Conditions such as:

1) Colostomy and ileostomy

2) Fecal impaction removal/enemas or suppositories

3) Insulin dependent diabetes
4) Gastronomy (G-tube fed)

5) Wound care

6) Inhalation assistive devices.

A Registered Nurse (RN) is on-site daily.